Call for Submissions to Exploratory Papers, Demos & Posters, Workshops and Masterclasses, Doctoral Colloquium, Panels and Design Relay Challenge

Submissions to ECSCW 2017 are now open for the following categories:

 == Demos, Videos, Artefacts, Audio Works, Installations and Posters ==

A key part of ECSCW 2017’s programme are the live demonstrations, posters and installations. These may be research prototypes or commercial products presented by those involved in developing the systems. Videos, audio works, posters, artefacts and installations are also welcomed. The purpose of this session is to provide authors with the opportunity to showcase their research to interested delegates, as well as involving them in discussions about the work, exchanging ideas, providing feedback, and sharing works-in-progress relating to CSCW.

Authors submitting a paper to the ECSCW 2017 conference may also consider submitting the research discussed in the paper to the Demos & Videos session, if they want to provide a demonstration of the technology referred to in an accepted paper. *In these instances please note that a separate submission must be made.

The submissions for Demos must be related to the main topics of interest of ECSCW 2017

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Submission Deadline: May 5th, 2017

== Workshops and Master Classes ==

Workshops offer ways to engage in discussions with other researchers in an informal setting. ECSCW 2017 invites workshop proposals addressing basic research questions, new methodologies, innovative technologies, and emerging research areas – to mention a few. The workshops should involve the attendees in working together on developing new insights, and should avoid consisting only of a series of presentations.

Masterclasses will offer a small number of participants the opportunity to learn about specific CSCW concepts, methods and techniques from recognised experts. The topic of a masterclass can be quite specific and the class will typically be small so to encourage in-depth discussion.

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Submission deadline:  20th of February 2017

== Design Relay Challenge ==

This year ECSCW is organising its very first design challenge! It will require a collaborative effort among groups across time zones around the world in a 24-hours period. The aim for the groups in the time they have is to respond creatively and collaboratively to a specific design brief which the chairs will release on the day. We are looking for a creative solution using creative practice and tools.

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Deadline for expressions of interest: 17th April 2017

== Panels ==

The Panels venue is dedicated to discuss, inspire, explore, and provoke  ECSCW2017 attendees with emerging and engaging new topics, which can push CSCW research in new directions. Panels are a unique opportunity to get a diverse set of experts on stage at the same time offering opposing viewpoints, positions, and backgrounds.

Ideally, panel proposals will have 3-4 participants, who represent a diversity of ideas and approaches related to a given topic. Topics should be  novel, lively or controversial, inspiring the audience to respond and further elaborate on ideas. Panels should be facilitated by a strong moderator, who will guide both the conversation in a timely and focused manner and the audience in expressing their opinions. In addition, we encourage Panel organisers to think innovatively and creatively about how they will facilitate audience interaction in the discussions.

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Submission deadline: April 15 2017

== Doctoral Consortium ==

The ECSCW 2017 Doctoral Colloquium provides an opportunity for doctoral students to discuss their research in an international forum under the guidance of a panel of experienced CSCW researchers. The Doctoral Colloquium will be held on Tuesday August 29 2017 as part of the 15th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Sheffield, UK.

We invite students who are working in the broad field of CSCW to apply. The strongest candidates will be those students who have a well-established research proposal and have made some progress towards it, but still have time to benefit from advice and feedback by peers and senior colleagues. Selected candidates will be asked to give short, informal presentations during the Colloquium. These will be followed by extensive group discussion in a friendly and constructive workshop.

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Submission Deadline: 26 May 2017

== Exploratory Papers ==

The goal of this new type of submission is to attract smaller, focused studies, works-in-progress, critical literature reviews, early results, and/or provocative ideas that are not yet ready for a journal submission, but could benefit from presentation and discussion within the ECSCW community. While the length of exploratory papers is flexible, we expect that papers will be no longer than 6,000 words (without references). With exploratory papers, we aim at having lively sessions that will contribute to shaping the future of practice-focused CSCW research.

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Submission deadline: 27th January 2017

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!