List of Accepted Papers

ECSCW 2017 Long Papers

  • Jakita Thomas, Yolanda Rankin, Rachelle Minor and Li Sun, “Exploring the difficulties African-American middle school girls face enacting computational algorithmic thinking over three years while designing games for social change”
  • Marianne Kinnula, Tonja Molin-Juustila, Iván Sánchez Milara, Marta Cortés and Jukka Riekki, “What if it switched on the sun? Creativity in brainstorming for future technologies in a mixed-age group”
  • Andy Crabtree, Peter Tolmie and Will Knight, “Repacking ‘privacy’ for a networked world”
  • Menisha Patel, Mark Hartswood, Helena Webb, Mary Gobbi, Eloise Monger and Marina Jirotka, “Authority as an interactional achievement: Exploring Deference to Smart Devices in hospital-based resuscitation”
  • Mikko Kytö and David McGookin, “Augmenting Multi-Party Face-to-Face Interactions Amongst Strangers with User Generated Content”
  • Tone Bratteteig and Ingvild Eide, “Good practice in homecare: integrating several types of work”
  • Joel E Fischer, Andy Crabtree, James A Colley, Tom Rodden and Enrico Costanza, “Data Work: How Advisors and Clients Make IoT Data Accountable”
  • Joaquim Colás, Alan Tapscott, Valeria Righi, Ayman Moghnieh and Josep Blat, “Interaction and outcomes in collaborative storytelling systems: A framework, an experiment and a model”
  • Kateryna Kuksenok, Cecilia Aragon, James Fogarty, Charlotte P. Lee and Gina Neff, “Building While Learning: A Deliberate Individual Change Framework for Understanding Programming Practices in Four Oceanography Groups”
  • Tshering Dema, Jessica L Cappadonna, Margot Brereton, Paul Roe, Anthony Truskinger and Jinglan Zhang, “A Collaborative Investigation into Visual Sense-making of Environmental Sound Recordings”
  • Jacki O’Neill, Anupama Dhareshwar and Srihari H Muralidhar, “Working Digital Money into a Cash Economy”
  • Mateusz Dolata and Gerhard Schwabe, “Paper practices in institutional talk: How financial advisors impress their clients”
  • Yubo Kou, Yong Ming Kow, Xinning Gui and Waikuen Cheng, “One Social Movement, Two Social Media Sites: A Comparative Study of Public Discourses”
  • Ianna Sodré and Francisco Brasileiro, “An Analysis of the Use of Qualifications on the Amazon Mechanical Turk Online Labor Market”
  • Gregor McEwan and Carl Gutwin, “How a Reduction in Explicit Leadership Changed an Online Game Community”
  • Sebastian Weise, Paul Coulton, Mike Chiasson “Where the political action is — using institutional analysis in interventions on civic infrastructures”
  • Gaia Mosconi, Matthias Korn, Christian Reuter, Maurizio Teli and Volkmar Pipek, “From Facebook to the Neighbourhood: Infrastructuring of Hybrid Community Engagement”

ECSCW 2017 Exploratory Papers

  • Anton Fedosov, Jarno Ojala, Thomas Olsson, Kaisa Väänänen and Marc Langheinrich, “From Travel Plans to Magic Wands: A Cross-Domain Study of Preferences and Privacy Requirements for Sharing Emerging Types of Online Content”
  • Judith Borghouts, Duncan Brumby and Anna Cox, “Batching, Error Checking and Data Collecting: Understanding Data Entry in a Financial Office”
  • Ea Lundbjerg Hansen, Julie Pflug von der Osten, Rosita Kanto and Pernille Bjørn, “The Hackerspace Manifested as a DIY-IoT Entity: Shaping and Protecting the Identity of the Community”
  • Michael Muller, Casey Dugan, Aabhas Sharma, Werner Geyer and Thomas Erickson, “A Stick with a Handle at Each End: Socially Implicated Work Objects for Design of Collaborative Systems”
  • Panagiotis Koutsouras, Sarah Martindale and Andy Crabtree, “The Ludic Takes Work”
  • Thomas Ludwig, Peter Tolmie and Volkmar Pipek, “From the Internet of Things to an Internet of Practices”
  • Ding Wang, “Cities of Otherness: the smart city as a heterotopia”
  • Karin Hansson, Tanja Aitamurto and Thomas Ludwig, “From alienation to relation: Examining the modes of production in crowdsourcing”
  • Minha Lee, Lily Frank, Femke Beute, Yvonne de Kort and Wijnand Ijsselsteijn, “Bots Mind the Social-technical Gap”
  • Camilla Bjørnstad, Bente Christensen and Gunnar Ellingsen, “Medication, integration and practice”
  • Ajay Chander, Sanam Mirzazad Barijough and Yuko Okubo, “Enterprise Assistant Service: Supporting Employees in the Digital Enterprise”
  • Finn Kensing, “Computer-supported patient involvement in heart rehabilitation”
  • Naja L. Holten Møller and Jørgen P. Bansler, “Building Information Modeling: The Dream of Perfect Information”
  • Mark Ackerman and Elizabeth Kaziunas, “A New Generation of CSCW: Reinvigorating CSCW Field-based Research Through A Theory-Inspired Reboot”
  • Benjamin Hanrahan, Ning Ma and Chien Wen Yuan, “The Roots of Bias on Uber”
  • Marije Nouwen, Nassim Jafarinaimi and Bieke Zaman, “Parental controls: reimagining technologies for parent-child interaction”