Monday 28th of August 2017

When What Where
08:15 Registration Opens Charles Street Building main atrium
09:00 Workshops and Masterclasses start
WS3 – Data-work in Healthcare: New roles, tasks and challenges 12.4.12
Co-located workshop supported by the EU COST Action “SharingAndCaring”: “Digital Platforms in the Collaborative Economy” 12.6.13
MC1 – Qualitative Research for CSCW 12.3.18
MC2 – Participatory Design 12.3.16
10:30 Break
11:00 Workshops continue
12:30 MC3 – Conceptual Issues in CSCW 12.3.18
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Workshops & MCs continue
15:30 Break
15:30 MC4 – Writing for Publication 12.3.18
17:30 End of events

Tuesday 29th of August 2017

When What Where
08:15 Registration Opens Charles Street Building main atrium
09:00 Workshops and Doctoral Colloquium start
WS6 – Creative and inventive methods in CSCW research 12.4.12
WS7 – Nomadic Culture Beyond Work Practices 12.4.17
Doctoral Colloquium 12.4.18
10:30 Break
11:00 Workshops and DC continue
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Workshops and DC continue
15:30 Break
16:00 Workshops and DC continue
17:30 Informal Drinks Reception Charles Street Building main atrium

Wednesday 30th of August 2017

When What Where
08:15 Registration Opens Charles Street Building main atrium
09:00 Welcome by the Conference Chairs Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
09:30 Opening Keynote Presentation: Gloria Origgi Why Do We Use Social Media? Social Ego and the Management of Reputation Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
10:30 Break
11:00 Papers Session 1 – Disentangling Interactions – Chair: Charlotte Lee Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
Andy Crabtree, Peter Tolmie, Will Knight
“Repacking ‘privacy’ for a networked world”
Menisha Patel, Mark Hartswood, Helena Webb, Mary Gobbi, Eloise Monger, Marina Jirotka
“Authority as an interactional achievement: Exploring deference to smart devices in hospital-based resuscitation”
Gregor McEwan, Carl Gutwin
“How a reduction in explicit leadership changed an online game community”
Tone Bratteteig, Ingvild Elde
“Becoming a good homecare practitioner: Integrating several types of work”
Joel E Fischer, Andy Crabtree, James A Colley, Tom Rodden, Enrico Costanza
“Data work: How advisors and clients make IoT data accountable”
12:40 Lunch Break
14:00 Exploratory Papers Session 1 – Digitally Mediated Interactions – Chair: Myriam Lewkowicz Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
Benjamin Hanrahan, Ning Ma, Chien Wen Yuan
“The roots of bias on Uber”
Marije Nouwen, Nassim Jafarinaimi, Bieke Zaman
“Parental controls: reimagining technologies for parent-child interaction”
Minha Lee, Lily Frank, Femke Beute, Yvonne de Kort, Wijnand Ijsselsteijn
“Bots mind the social-technical gap”
14:00 Exploratory Papers Session 2 – Digitizing Workplaces – Chair: Aleksandra Sarcevic 12.4.12
Michael Muller, Casey Dugan, Aabhas Sharma, Werner Geyer, Thomas Erickson
“A stick with a handle at each end: Socially implicated work objects for design of collaborative systems”
Ajay Chander, Sanam Mirzazad Barijough, Yuko Okubo
“Enterprise assistant service: Supporting employees in the digital enterprise”
Judith Borghouts, Duncan Brumby, Anna Cox
“Batching, error checking and data collecting: Understanding data entry in a financial office”
15:00 Break; Posters & Demos Exhibition 12.4.19-18-17
16:00 Panel: “A Constructive-Critical Approach to The Changing Workplace and its Technologies”
Naja L. Holten Møller, University of Copenhagen, Denmark;
Irina Shklovski, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark;
M. Six Silberman, Industriegewerkschaft Metall, Germany;
Lynn Dombrowski, Indiana University, USA;
Airi Lampinen, Stockholm University, Sweden
Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
18:30 ECSCW 2017 Opening Reception Sheffield Town Hall, Pinstone Street

Thursday 31st of August 2017

When What Where
08:15 Registration Opens Charles Street Building main atrium
09:00 Papers Session 2 – Civic Engagement and Social Change – Chair: Stephan Lukosch Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
Yubo Kou, Yong Ming Kow, Xinning Gui, Waikuen Cheng
“One social movement, two social media sites: A comparative study of public discourses”
Jakita Thomas, Yolanda Rankin, Rachelle Minor, Li Sun
“Exploring the difficulties African-American middle school girls face enacting computational algorithmic thinking over three years while designing games for social change”
Sebastian Weise, Paul Coulton, Mike Chiasson “Designing in between local government and the public – Using institutional analysis in interventions on civic infrastructures”
Jacki O’Neill, Anupama Dhareshwar, Srihari H Muralidhar
“Working digital money into a cash economy”
Gaia Mosconi, Matthias Korn, Christian Reuter, Maurizio Teli, Volkmar Pipek
“From Facebook to the neighbourhood: Infrastructuring of hybrid community engagement”
10:40 Break
11:10 Panel: “Discerning Designers’ Intentions”
Jeffrey Bardzell, Indiana University, USA;
Nina Boulus-Rødje, University of Copenhagen, Denmark;
Michael Muller, IBM Research, USA;
Antti Salovaara, University of Helsinki, Finland;
Alina Krischkowsky, University of Salzburg, Austria;
Martin Murer, University of Salzburg, Austria
Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
12:40 Lunch; Posters and Demos exhibition  12.4.19-18-17
14:00 Exploratory Papers Session 3 – Content Production and Sharing – Chair: Benjamin Hanrahan Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
Panagiotis Koutsouras, Sarah Martindale, Andy Crabtree
“The ludic takes work”
Karin Hansson, Tanja Aitamurto, Thomas Ludwig
“From alienation to relation: Examining the modes of production in crowdsourcing”
Anton Fedosov, Jarno Ojala, Thomas Olsson, Kaisa Väänänen, Marc Langheinrich
“From travel plans to magic wands: A cross-domain study of preferences and privacy requirements for sharing emerging types of online content”
14:00 Exploratory Papers Session 4 – Information in the Medical Domain – Chair: Pernille Bjørn 12.4.12
Camilla Bjørnstad, Bente Christensen, Gunnar Ellingsen
“Medication, integration and practice”
Finn Kensing
“Computer-supported patient involvement in heart rehabilitation”
Naja L. Holten Møller, Jørgen P. Bansler
“Building information modeling: The dream of perfect information”
15:00 Break
15:30 Papers Session 3 – Creativity and Sensemaking- Chair: Wayne Lutters Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
Tshering Dema, Jessica L Cappadonna, Margot Brereton, Paul Roe, Anthony Truskinger, Jinglan Zhang
“A collaborative investigation into visual sense-making of environmental sound recordings”
Marianne Kinnula, Tonja Molin-Juustila, Iván Sánchez Milara, Marta Cortés, Jukka Riekki
“What if it switched on the sun? Creativity in brainstorming for future technologies in a mixed-age group”
16:20 EUSSET & IISI Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture – Chair: Volker Wulf Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
17:20 End of Conference sessions
19:00 ECSCW 2017 Conference Banquet The Cutlers’ Hall, Church Street

Friday 1st of September 2017

When What Where
08:30 Registration Opens Charles Street Building main atrium
09:00 Closing Keynote Presentation: David A. Shamma
AI as a promise. AI as a practice. AI as HCI
Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
10:00 Break
11:00 The David B. Martin Best Paper Award
Mateusz Dolata, Gerhard Schwabe
“Paper practices in institutional talk: How financial advisors impress their clients”
Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
11:30 Panel: “Beyond Computing for Social Good? ECSCW Panel in Celebrating the Life and Work of David Martin”
Jacki O’Neil, Microsoft Research, India;
Michael Muller, IBM Research, USA;
M. Six Silberman, Industriegewerkschaft Metall, Germany;
Mark Ackerman, University of Michigan School of Information, USA
Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
12:30 Announcing ECSCW 2018 Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
12:45 Lunch Break; Demos & Posters 12.4.19-18-17
14:00 Exploratory Papers Session 5 – IoT and Communities of Practice – Chair: Jeffrey Bardzell Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
Ea Lundbjerg Hansen, Julie Pflug von der Osten, Rosita Kanto, Pernille Bjørn
“The hackerspace manifested as a DIY-IoT entity: Shaping and protecting the identity of the community”
Thomas Ludwig, Peter Tolmie, Volkmar Pipek
“From the Internet of Things to an Internet of Practices”
14:00 Exploratory Papers Session 6 – Theoretical Concerns – Chair: Geraldine Fitzpatrick 12.4.12
Mark Ackerman, Elizabeth Kaziunas
“A new generation of CSCW: Reinvigorating CSCW field-based research through a theory-inspired reboot”
Ding Wang
“Cities of otherness: The smart city as a heterotopia”
15:00 Break
15:30 Papers Session 4 – Building Frameworks and Models – Chair: Antonella De Angeli Lecture Theatre 12.0.06
Mikko Kytö, David McGookin
“Augmenting multi-party face-to-face interactions amongst strangers with user generated content”
Joaquim Colás, Alan Tapscott, Valeria Righi, Ayman Moghnieh, Josep Blat
“Interaction and outcomes in collaborative storytelling systems: A framework, an experiment and a model”
Kateryna Kuksenok, Cecilia Aragon, James Fogarty, Charlotte P. Lee, Gina Neff
“Building while learning: A deliberate individual change framework for understanding programming practices in four oceanography groups”
Ianna Sodré, Francisco Brasileiro
“An analysis of the use of qualifications on the Amazon Mechanical Turk online labor market”
16:50 Concluding Remarks  Lecture Theatre 12.0.06